Morgan Manning

I was raised in Valdosta, GA and came to the University of Georgia in 2015 to pursue a Bachelor’s in Fisheries and Wildlife Management. During my undergraduate, I got the opportunity to work in the Nairn Wildlife Genetics Laboratory on the loggerhead sea turtle project. I ended up staying on as lab manager in the Nairn Lab after I graduated and got familiar with a lot of wildlife genetics techniques. Subsequently, I began my Master’s in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources in the Chandler Lab. My Master’s work is on modeling loggerhead sea turtle nest site fidelity and nest success in the Northern Recovery Unit. From this, we hope to get a better understanding of how nest site fidelity is influenced, so management decisions surrounding this species will be more informed. My interests include quantitative ecology, specifically in marine environments, and applied population dynamics. If I’m not trying to get my code to run in R, I’m reading, cross-stitching, SCUBA diving, or walking my dog, June!