Greg Wann

My research interests are primarily centered on conservation and management issues of wildlife populations (with an emphasis on avian species). Along with Richard and other faculty at Warnell, I work on a variety of projects funded by Georgia DNR’s Wildlife Resources Division. The projects I work on are quite diverse and include applied research such as studies aimed at informing harvest management of gamebirds, as well as the development of apps used to help biologists analyze their own data and aid in the development of sampling protocols to estimate population abundance.

Prior to moving to Athens I worked as a postdoc with the U.S. Geological Survey in California and Nevada. My research duties included evaluating monitoring protocols used to assess trends of Greater Sage-Grouse populations in the Great Basin. In 2017 I completed my PhD at Colorado State University where I studied the reproductive ecology and population viability of White-tailed Ptarmigan at several alpine sites in the Rocky Mountains. Before graduate school I worked on a variety of bird projects (songbirds, shorebirds, ptarmigan, sage-grouse, etc.) throughout North America. Hopefully I will have a webpage developed in the coming months to share more of my research.

A cool picture from one of my previous field jobs — Agattu Island (Western Aleutian Islands)