Angela Hsiung

Angela is a Master’s student in the Chandler Applied Ecology Lab. As a kid, her dream was to become one of the first Chinese players in the WNBA. However, it soon became apparent that she did not have the stature nor the talents to become a star on the basketball court, thus she turned to the career path of saving the world one critter at a time. Angela received her B.S. in Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology from University of California, Davis in 2010. Prior to joining the Chandler lab, she worked as a field technician in California, Arizona, Oregon, and Nevada, primarily with songbirds and small mammals. Outside of the U.S., Angela’s passion for field ornithology has taken her to Costa Rica and Peru to work with neotropical resident bird species. Her research interests encompass investigating impact of anthropogenic developments on natural habitats and biodiversity. Currently, her Master’s research will be investigating altitudinal migration of Long-tailed Manakins (Chiroxiphia linearis), a bird species that is partially forest-dependent, and factors that affect their migratory behavior in tropical agricultural landscapes. Her study area is located in the Montes de Oro region within Puntarenas Province in Costa Rica.

E-mail: [email protected]


View of Cedral, Costa Rica
Overlooking Cedral, Montes de Oro, Costa Rica